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COVID-19 resource center 2020

Developed and executed resource center on financial, legislative, organizational and strategic issues related to COVID-19. Working closely with the business development team, fast-tracking content and collateral related to new crisis management services.

Pakistan's rise to zero 2017

The Guardian 2017

The Development Set 2017

Pakistan and Rotary are cutting through a whirl of migrating families and cultural barriers to turn what was 'a badge of shame' into a model for disease eradication.

8,000 kilometers to peace 2017

Huffington Post 2017

Cape Breton Post 2017

Reliefweb 2018

Rotary members in a small town of Nova Scotia, Canada, took action to bring two families from war-torn Syria to their country, where the refugees are starting a new life.

Feeding farms and families 2017

Hunger and Health 2017

Rotary, Heifer program helps farmers provide healthier food to people in their own communities

The power of light​ 2018

Durango Herald 2018

Rotary members from Durango, Colorado, USA, team with the Navajo Nation to bring solar lights to remote, off-the-grid homes on the country’s largest Native American reservation.

Final exam 2018

After a grueling year of preparation, two Rotarians and a Rotaractor face one last challenge before they can join the elite ShelterBox Response Team

Creating a family 2018

After fleeing conflict in their own countries, a group of young Rotaractors is healing wounds and bringing cultures together in a Ugandan refugee settlement

Healing scars of war 2018

In the mountains of Poland, 26 children traumatized by violence get a chance to be kids again at Rotary camp

Nowhere to turn 2018

As thousands of refugees streamed into Berlin, they strained the health care system. Rotarian and physician Pia Skarabis-Querfeld spent the last three years building a network of volunteer doctors to help those in need.

Cellphones power disease fight 2017

Pakistan and Nigeria replace paper-based reporting with fast, accurate cellphone messaging

A camp for everyone 2017

For more than 90 years, the Rotary Club of Kansas City has been rallying all corners of the community to help thousands of kids attend camp. The club, whose members are among Rotary’s first People of Action, gave the first donation to The Rotary Foundation 100 years ago.

Why Rotary is investing in zero and beyond​ 2017

We’re so close to eradicating polio. Here’s why we need $1.5 billion more to finish the job.

Stigma and Superstition 2017

Hunted for body parts and isolated by fear, Tanzanians with albinism find safe futures with help of Rotary, Sister Martha

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